We Create Software Engineered To


Manage Your Tourism Business Intelligently.


Making digital payments easier to use.

Hotel Management ERP

It's more than ERP, One Roof Solution.


Secure, Fast and Easy, Smart Banking Solution

Point Of Sale

A business runs best when communication is clear & fast.

NMT Smart Card

A moderate success in the fight against fraud.

Our Services

NMT Is redefining software development and delivery by focusing on data-oriented engineering farmework that unearths value for the enterprise and de-risks the engagement process


A well-executed brand requires a
perfect balance of innovative design
and efficient UX.

Web Site

Beauty with brain. We create highly functional website with modern technologies

Mobile App

You’re not launching an app. You’re creating an experience, starting a business, following a dream.

Software Development

Enterpries-grade performant application built for web and mobile cansumption

We work with startups and leading brands around the world

Build Somethink With Us

Let's pathner to build amazing products that will excite end user and drive enterpries ambitions.