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Known for an obsession for research that inspires lifestyle-altering products, Noor Muscat Technology is a disruptive technology company that pushes the boundaries of innovation by crafting solutions that solve some of today’s most difficult challenges in Banking, Telecoms and IT industries. With specific focus on building electronic devices and powering solutions with enterprise grade software, Noor Muscat Technology has a commitment to create daily magical experiences with technology.

Smart Card Engineering

Smart cards are one of the most versatile products in the technology space in recent years in terms of applicability. Their appeal comes with the innovation of flat circuitry and intelligent use of memory chips to enable new utilities never developed before.

At Noor Muscat Technology, we have developed patents relating to chip and circuit technology that have enabled us roll out products for use in the Banking sector as well as Hospitality and Military Industry. These cards come with an unparalleled implementation of security features, both in the hardware componentry as well as breakthrough enterprise software integration. Industry experts have hailed our security provisions as groundbreaking in terms to its novelty and applicability. Because of the nature of some of the patents, we shall be making public announcements regarding some of the products ready for public consumption in due time.

Online Payment Systems

Our electronic payment systems combine our expertise in web technology development with our mastery of payment systems and gateways to provide secure and convenient payment solutions for web transactions. Focusing on implementing these solutions in developing countries where the infrastructure is maturing and growth opportunity exists.

Noor Muscat Technology has positioned itself as a leader in secure online payment processing in regions where major players have failed to penetrate due to the high risk factor. Our payment systems are fluid yet powerful enough for web developers and storefront owners to integrate without development work. It also offers users the flexibility of user interface customization so that design focused web products do not lose their overall design appeal.

Electronic Counterpart of Paper Cheque

A SkyCheque is a digital solution for the manual cheque. We combine manual cheque process with next-generation technology to protect customers and banks with highly secure and fully protect account holder and financial Institutes from frauds.

One Solution for Small To Big

ePuzh is a first B2B travel portal and agencies account management system in Sultan of Oman. ePuzh providing wide range of customized products for all level of travel and tour operators. ePuzh provides inter-network sale solution for every account holder to sell their designed package within InterNetwork.

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